• Dutch pilots union threatens KLM

    Dutch pilots union threatens KLM

    Door EindhovenNews
    14-8-2018 om 10:00
    Dutch media reported Monday, the VNV (the Dutch union representing pilots flying for various companies) threatens with labour actions, if KLM does not meet The post Dutch pilots union threatens...
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  • Ryan Thomas joins training session

    Ryan Thomas joins training session

    Door EindhovenNews
    14-8-2018 om 08:00
    Brand new PSV’er Ryan Thomas was caught training at the Herdgang for the first time, Monday. He joined PSV’s main team for a training The post Ryan Thomas joins training session appeared...
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  • wedowe workshops in Eindhoven

    wedowe workshops in Eindhoven

    Door EindhovenNews
    13-8-2018 om 23:15
    WEDOWE hosts a series of unique worskshops in Eindhoven, during the September and October. Wedowe is an innovative organisation that supports social projects. Their The post wedowe workshops...
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13/08 New Neighbours Festival at TAC
13/08 Geldrop will turn pink
13/08 Less visitors for Park Hilaria
13/08 Youngsters start at third Young Brainport Summer School
13/08 Hassan wins gold in Berlin
12/08 Refugee art show by Love Without Borders
10/08 No cancelled flights despite Ryanair strike
09/08 Happy Sunday Fest in Philips de Jonghpark
09/08 MGmaker 3D printing and design
09/08 Experiment: Neurofeedback training
09/08 Cycle together to Brabantsedag Heeze, 26 August
08/08 Watching a movie for parents with babies at Natlab


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